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We've only gone & acquired a major PR agency!

To fully compliment and round-off our total marketing orchestration offering, we have, in July 2023, now acquired and joined forces with an award-winning specialist PR team boasting over 20 years experience of working in top-echelon public relations and reputation management for a host of major clients across a range of sectors.  Their experience working with major consumer brands and market-leading corporates, global charities and public bodies (including the BBC, Comic Relief, The Eden Project, The Army, Jones Lang LaSalle, Tesco & more) all adds incredible value to our already stellar offering and represents the only missing piece in our jigsaw.

With expertise spanning the full communications spectrum - from media relations,  internal and external communications, event management to crisis planning, stakeholder engagement and partnership development - this exciting new extension to our offering really makes us the one-stop agency for all of our clients’ marketing needs.

We can't wait to deploy these new and innovative PR capabilities alongside all of our other bleeding-edge solutions. Read more about this here in our blog.

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In this post-epidemic, new-normal world, we recognise how business and consumer buying behaviour has changed. Dramatically. 

At Irigait, we've always been lean, agile and far from the madding crowd. Despite our historical big-agency background working with some of the largest brands on the planet and our proven commercial expertise in launching and scaling major businesses; we've always shunned the flagship offices, avoided the huge overheads and eliminated unnecessary cost and fluffiness for clients. We believe that the best marketing shouldn't feel like marketing.

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Founded in 2013, we've long embraced technology to interact with our heavyweight team of digital, social, multimedia and PR specialists here and around the world. We've worked remotely for many years and this has always given us competitive advantage and enabled us to seamlessly respond to the challenges of today's world.

We’re truly passionate about everything social and digital and are not bunkered in a single discipline. We guide our clients through the minefield of modern outsourced marketing and PR to help them thrive with ROI-driven, orchestrated programmes that flex technology and deliver measurable results and compelling revenue. Flexibility is core to our mentality.

Irigait will help you define and sharpen your vision and bring it to life in a way that connects with your ever-evolving audience. We'll crystallise your unique strengths, provide valuable commercial insight and build a personalised and bespoke roadmap to success for your organisation in the short, medium and long term.

Talk to us about what Irigait can do for your brand.

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We’ve worked with Irigait for over 8 years now and have spent >£500k during that time. That's dwarfed by the return on investment we've enjoyed as Irigait are a remarkable agency. Their attention to detail is incredible, they always position new and innovative ideas and solutions to us and they have heavyweight commercial sensibilities. For us, expenditure has to equate to results so that's a box that's always been ticked. Everything they do is measurable and non-fluffy. They genuinely care about the performance of our campaigns and they take things personally. 

Irigait immersed themselves in our business. Whether it’s an email programme or a social media ad campaign or creating incredible storytelling content doe us, they are always entirely focussed on results, ROI and protecting our brand. Over the years, just on email marketing alone, we've enjoyed an average 62% open rate, a staggering click rate of >30% and these stats smash all recognised industry results. Their content is slick and engaging, their storytelling marketing is exceptional and they always add other tremendous value to us from data and analytics to commercial advice. They're actually the first agency we've worked with who have turned down revenue from us for something they're not convinced we really need or that they don't feel is right for us. 

Irigait have helped take our business from a start-up to arguably the dominant player in our field during our relationship. They offer us agile solutions and take direct responsibility across every metric so there’s never any hiding with them - they're transparent, they get the job done and they over-deliver. Irigait have never let us down and we couldn’t ask for a better marketing partner.

CEO, Major UK Insurance Brand

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